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Hatha Yoga

The entire universe is just a creation of thought. The play of the mind is just a creation of thought. Abandon the mind which is only thought. Take refuge in the changeless, O Rama, and surely find peace. - Yogi Swatmarama,
Hatha Yoga Pradipika

It is told yoga is as old as the universe itself and we are currently in the time of Kali, or Kali Yuga. What we see, hear, and experience in the world around us is materialism. However, yogis recognize the importance of turning inward and harmonizing their energy bodies. This balance of the interacting processes of the physical body, mind, and energy is the main objective of Hatha Yoga.


When balance is created, we evolve our consciousness.

My 300 hour teacher training in Advanced Hatha Yoga with

Yogi Charu included philosophy, meditation, purification techniques, and wisdom passed down through parampara, or oral tradition. I learned much of my personal practice from him. 

I offer a well-rounded approach to Hatha Yoga where asana, or physical postures, is just a small part of the practice. Relaxation is prioritized and we follow the breath, where it remains smooth and steady.

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