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Destination: Manifestation
Earth Medicine Yoga Retreat

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Tamara's energy is welcoming and inclusive. She embodies aloha and this retreat is an offering from her heart to yours. She has curated a chill itinerary to support you in relaxing and exploring your dreams and desires. Tamara is passionate about sharing her gifts and will be offering Ganja Yoga practices, Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing. All with the intention of guiding you back to your limitlessness as an intentional creator.

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Ganja Yoga

Grounded in proper alignment and slow, intentional movement guided by the breath, Ganja Yoga will be offered daily. Enhancing these all-levels practices with cannabis is optional.

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is heart-opening Earth medicine which connects you to gratitude and offers guidance on letting your heart lead the way on your sacred path. Sitting in ceremony with this gentle plant medicine encourages expansion in self-trust and confidence in taking the action necessary to achieve your dreams and desires.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is the practice of non-doing and brings deep relaxation to the mind-body. It is told that a 30 minute Yoga Nidra practice is equal to 2-4 hours of sleep. Yoga Nidra's benefits are immediately felt, leaving you feeling calm and peaceful.

Sound Healing

The medicine of sound eludes words, yet is powerfully felt in every cell of the body. Offered nightly, crystal singing bowls will serenade you under the stars and planets and bring your mind-body back to balance.

Opening Ceremony

In Hawai'i there is a word which means righteous harmony - pono. Our opening ceremony will be offered with the intention of honoring the 'āina (land), the elements, and the mana (divine energy) of Hawai'i island in order to cultivate keeping things pono over the course of the retreat (and beyond!).

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This was by far the best retreat I have ever experienced!

The retreat was packed with rich cultural experiences, thoughtful

teachings, exciting “field trips”, and plenty of “me time.” Tamara

seamlessly led our group through a well-planned itinerary, making intuitive changes as the group’s energy shifted throughout the retreat. We had an incredible personal chef who served us healthy and nourishing food that was always delicious and beautifully prepared. We shared the best cannabis infused meals on 4/20, it was a true celebration of this wonderful plant ally.


I could go on and on about how wonderful this retreat experience

was for me, and I plan to attend many more in the future!


If I had to pick one thing about the retreat that warmed my heart the most, it would be the quote that Tamara stated at the beginning of the retreat: “Always assume that it is ALL good, ALL the time”. Experiencing plant medicine can make us vulnerable, so it was helpful to know that the group that was holding my soul was constantly accepting of my authentic self. I cannot thank Tamara enough for creating this wonderful experience that I will hold close to my heart always!


This was my first retreat I had ever been on. Naturally I was nervous, I didn't know what to expect and being an introvert I was afraid I wouldn't have time to self-reflect.


All of that changed as soon as I was welcomed by Tamara and other participants. Right away I felt like I could be myself, relax and be around nonjudgmental peers. I wasn't expected to do anything but to be my truest self. The grounds were beautiful, the location was perfect and the itinerary was super chill and lovely. I had the opportunity to rest and journal while, at the same time, opening up to new people and being sociable. It was a perfect balance.


If you're looking for a place to unwind and learn local Hawaiian ways, look no further and join Tamara on an unforgettable self discovering journey.



Attending and teaching at Tamara’s plant medicine retreat was a nourishing, powerful experience. I felt immediately at home with the group and Tamara’s energy. The plant-based meals were beyond delicious and accommodations were very comfortable!


The various healing experiences, meditations and offerings were thoughtfully curated, and I left feeling more myself than ever! I highly recommend attending one of Tamara’s retreats if you’re considering a healing, supportive, and transformative experience, with conscious, chill community!


I am forever grateful for a very eye-opening experience during Destination: Manifestation, 2023. Little did I know when I signed up, it would end up changing my whole existence for the better.

The journal prompts and time for reflection during the retreat, helped me grow and through that growth, I found my voice. Now, I not only speak my truth, but I get to speak my truth into reality.


it's a vibe


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