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Private Ganja Yoga

An enhanced practice for all levels and all bodies!

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 111 US dollars
  • Virtual on Zoom

Service Description

It is told yoga is as old as the universe itself and we are currently in the time of Kali, or Kali Yuga. What we see, hear, and experience in the world around us is materialism. However, yogis recognize the importance of turning inward and harmonizing their energy bodies. When balance is created, we evolve our consciousness. Cannabis can help to deepen the mind-body connection, allowing our minds to relax so we can more easily feel into our body and give it what it needs. The thinking/doing mind can be loud at times, so incorporating this wonderful plant ally into our yoga practice can aid our minds in shifting to resting mode, which helps our bodies relax into goodness. ​ My 300 hour yoga teacher training in Advanced Hatha Yoga included philosophy, meditation, purification techniques, and wisdom passed down through oral tradition. My 50 hours of ganja yoga teacher training was a deep dive into all things cannabis and biomechanics. ​ I offer a well-rounded approach to Ganja Yoga where asana, or physical postures, is just a part of the practice. Relaxation is prioritized and we follow the breath, where it remains smooth, steady, and effortless. Use promo code ROLL1UP! for a discount on your first booking.♡ ​ ​

Cancellation Policy

All sales are final.

Contact Details

Location Address Given Upon Booking Island of Hawai'i, Hawaii, USA

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